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The Band Named “Lucius”


Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, the dual frontwomen of Brooklyn’s alt-poppy, girl-groupy band Lucius, aren’t sisters but there’s an almost spooky sororal bond between the two friends. When they join their voices together — usually in tandem, singing the same notes as opposed to in harmony — it can be somewhat disconcerting. It’s hard to tell where one voice leaves and another begins. “We sound really different when we sing alone, but then when we sing together, it’s like a different voice,” Laessig says.  The pair and their backing band — including Danny Molad and Peter Lalish of Elizabeth & The Catapault — have generated some serious press with their self-titled debut EP, a series of highly-plugged live dates (including Bonaroo this month) and a recent inclusion of their song “Until We Get There (Demo)” on the hit TV series The New Girl. Newly signed to the hip Mom + Pop label (Andrew Bird, Polica) Lucius will release their highly anticipated debut album this fall. Watch the retro-styled fun of “Turn It Around”, the award-winning animated video for “Go Home” and a band profile after the jump…


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